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Excellence in Road & Bridge Engineering

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We strive for excellence to build durable relationships with our esteemed clients, stakeholders, contractors and project owners. LSR has an extensive experience working directly with government and public sector. We take pride in operating with nobility even in the complex environment, irrespective of the harsh weather conditions. LSR’s substantial fleet of construction equipment includes Recyclers, Stabilizers, Excavators, dumper/Tippers, dozers, shovels, milling machine, backhoe loaders, asphalt pavers, steel and pneumatic-tired rollers and other machinery. Armed with ardor and cutting edge technology LSR undertakes each project by acute precision


Excellence in Road & Bridge Engineering

Pong point 4840 under 108rcc/759brtf road sector of project deepak in himachal pradesh state ca no ce (p)/09/2018-19

Sumna rimkhim road under aor123 rcc/21brtf under project shivalik in uttrakhand state.

Pooh-kaurik road under 108 rcc/759 brtf road sector of project deepak in himachal pradesh state

Providing laying and compaction of 25 mm thick semi dense bituminous concrete as per mosrt&h specification- on sumdo kaza gramphoo skg road in himachal pradesh

"Our projects connect people and communities, play a key role in urban and rural development, and provide vital, long-term infrastructure".